Vulnerability Blindness

With the very recent revelation of code in Juniper software allowing decryption of ‘secure’ VPN traffic, I am wondering if, and how long it will be before the number of security issues being reported creates acceptance through just sheer blindness, i.e everyone loses their ability to be outraged, offended or concerned. Will we end up with the equivalent of a shoulder-shrug and ‘that’s just how it is’ with regard to our security?

The Juniper incidents are reported by Ars Technica and on the Juniper Forums, but they are far from the only company uncovering software vulnerabilities, just the latest to flow past me.

It feels likely that the more security outrages that are reported, the more people will become acclimatised to the idea that nothing is secure.

I guess it would be the similar to the mere exposure effect,  what I am imagining is a sort of familiarity which leads us to gloss over todays privacy concerns, there is another way to express this, ‘security desensitisation‘.

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