Practical Operability Techniques for Teams – Operability – Practical Tips

I've been working on writing up Operability thoughts along with @matthewpskelton recently, and ahead of some upcoming workshops on the topic, we put together a webinar titled "Practical Operability Techniques for teams". We will be delivering some workshops on these topics later this year tickets are avilable : tickets here. The slides from the recent webinar are … Continue reading Practical Operability Techniques for Teams – Operability – Practical Tips


Pipelineconf 2017

Whilst attending Pipeline Conference I noted down things which I found to give food for thought. To me this is the acid test of a talk – does it create a spark of thinking? Automation and Autonomy Dan North (@tastapod) gave the opening keynote “Ops and Operability“. Dan talked about both Ops and Dev in… via … Continue reading Pipelineconf 2017

IT Operations Retrospectives

I was reading Quality Matters: The Benefits of QA-Focused Retros which got me thinking about this style of activity in the context of IT operations. It feels like I've been seeing lack of 'retrospective' activities in this context in organisations I have worked at (both as consultant and employee) for years a very long time indeed. Probably … Continue reading IT Operations Retrospectives