IP Expo 2015 Visit

I recently took time out to go along to IP Expo 2015 at ExCel London, there were a lot of interesting vendors there, from big to small, seems to be less of the “Web” than one might expect, no Google et al..

I’ve written up some more thoughts and observations from IP Expo over on the Skelton Thatcher Consulting website at https://skeltonthatcher.com/blog/ip-expo-2015/

It’s always interesting to go out and meet other people and companies in the wider tech world, and shows like IP Expo provide a great opportunity to network, and check out the thinking and real-world tales from numerous different people.

But by far the most impressive thing I actually got to try out was an Occulus rift headset, with Elite Dangerous, the modern incarnation of the ’80s classic wireframe sprawling space sim. So much so that I’ll be looking for an Occulus as soon as they’re more easily available, i.e. the consumer release.

For a bigger slice of the show check my other blog piece out.

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