How to Modify ITIL to Accommodate DevOps

This is an interesting article although I’m not quite convinced modifying ITIL is the correct place to start the debate, I think I prefer the concept of adding useful parts of ITIL to other methodologies, to suit the business requirements.

Of particular interest is the consideration of how, or if to implement ITIL in organisations where it is not in place, seems this could be the opportunity to cherry-pick some ITIL framework ideas and mould them into supporting and complementing Agile to organise and improve the reactive capabilities of IT Ops.

However you slice it, smoothing the flow through IT is the endgame.

IT User Support Management Practice

If an IT management idea could ever be said to be “exciting”, then perhaps DevOps is a strong candidate. Its basic idea is to replace the traditional separation of “Development” and “IT” or “Operations” with a single function. This restructure has laudable goals; no more developers having to commission and wait for test and production servers to be built, because the commissioning and building happen in the same place. No more Operations techs in apoplexy because the developers have unilaterally published code with pretty much no thought for capacity, nor demand, storage, backup, nor security issues. With DevOps, we’re all in this together, chaps. But how does that square with ITIL, if at all?

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