Alerts and escalations

Have you thought about what happens when you get a 'critical' alert from your systems today?


Vulnerability Blindness

With the very recent revelation of code in Juniper software allowing decryption of 'secure' VPN traffic, I am wondering if, and how long it will be before the number of security issues being reported creates acceptance through just sheer blindness, i.e everyone loses their ability to be outraged, offended or concerned. Will we end up … Continue reading Vulnerability Blindness

How to Modify ITIL to Accommodate DevOps

This is an interesting article although I'm not quite convinced modifying ITIL is the correct place to start the debate, I think I prefer the concept of adding useful parts of ITIL to other methodologies, to suit the business requirements. Of particular interest is the consideration of how, or if to implement ITIL in organisations … Continue reading How to Modify ITIL to Accommodate DevOps